About Lexitek Inc.

Lexitek has been developing and manufacturing innovative optical and electro-optical products and technologies since 1996.

We are expert at taking concepts from the idea stage, doing initial research, developing prototypes and demonstrating proof-of-concept, and introducing products to the commercial market.

Our expertise is exemplified by our optics, detectors, design services, and adaptive optics test products.

Our President, Steven M. Ebstein, is a scientist-entrepreneur with a Ph.D. in applied physics from Harvard University. He is the lead inventor for Lexitek technologies – Near-Index-Match™ optics, photon and radiation counting detectors based on the PAPA detector, and scintillation radiation detectors for cone beam CT and particle radiotherapy.

Lexitek has successfully obtained SBIR funding for much of our technology development. We also work with companies and individuals to develop new products and systems.

Lexitek works with a wide range of customers: aerospace companies, government laboratories, universities and other research institutions, and small businesses. We work with individual inventors as well as multi-billion dollar companies.