PAPA Detector


The Lexitek PAPA Detector (LPD) is a position-sensitive photon-counting focal plane detector offering the highest spatial and temporal resolution commercially available. The LPD output is a digital stream of pixel coordinates for each detected photon. Each photon position is available nanoseconds after its detection. The LPD is a robust implementation of a detector originally invented for astronomy (Papaliolios et al, Appl. Opt. 24, 285, 1985), which Lexitek developed with NASA SBIR support.

The LPD is a modular detector with three main components: a custom Image Intensifier Tube, an electro-optical position readout, and an electronics module. A detector is configured with 18 or 25 mm diameter, 512 - 2048 pixels in x and y, a maximum count rates exceed 2 MHz, and a PC interface. Other options include gating and time tagging.

The Data Acquisition System includes an electronics module, a PCI data acquisition card, and a LabVIEW program. The electronics module houses power supplies and generates a 32-bit TTL data word. The PCI data acquisition card serves as the interface between the electronics modules and a PC. The LabVIEW program performs all the essential operations including acquire, stop, clear, time slicing, data storage and display on a PC.

These detectors are configured with up to 1024x1024 pixels, sizes from 10-100 cm diameter, and count rates exceeding 1 MHz. The detector interface is hosted by a PC. Contact Lexitek for more information.

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