Proton/Particle QA Detectors


Lexitek is developing patented and patent-pending detectors for hadron (proton and ion) radiotherapy. The rapid growth of hadron therapy requires better radiation detectors to enable new treatment modalities and provide Quality Assurance (QA) for treatment plans.

QA detector

These detectors use a scintillator and a scientific imaging camera. One of a choice of scintillators specialized for different applications converts a small fraction of the beam energy into light. An imaging system produces a high SNR image that can be correlated to intended radiation dose.  This detector has advantages over alternative detectors:

  • Optical imaging yields sub-millimeter resolution over the entire treatment field
  • A thin scintillator minimally scatters and attenuates the beam
  • Components in the beam are robust and inexpensive to replace

The detectors, in different configurations, have the following applications:

  • Measurement of scanned or scattered hadron fields prior to their delivery for Quality Assurance

  • QA measurement with a dosimetric (non-quenching) scintillator based system

For more information please view our datasheets:

QA Detector Data Sheetdownload Acrobat

Dosimetric (non-quenching) Scintillator Systemdownload Acrobat

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Results with the DRD400 detector were reported at AAPM 2016. Please view the poster presented or a powerpoint showing the results.