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Lexitek's patented method of fabricating Near-Index-Match™ optics is a new approach to making affordable novel optics in small quantities: aspherical, diffractive, and hybrid refractive-diffractive optical elements. Examples include beam-shaping optics (e.g. Gaussian to flat-top), corrector plates, achromatic hybrid refractive-diffractive elements, and phase plates, among others.

For more information see the NIM optics datasheet

Turbulence Phase Plates

Adaptive Optics Engineering

  • Lexitek offers these unique products for Adaptive Optics engineering:
  • Well-characterized pseudo-random phase plates
  • Each phase plate can have a unique design at no additional cost. Some options: pseudo-Kolmogorov designs from Lexitek characterized by r0, Zernike polynomials, or your own design. Some examples are shown on this page.
  • Motorized rotary stages in two sizes and several speeds
  • Inexpensive stepper motor controllers
  • These tools used in combination allow the Adaptive Optics engineer to simulate multi-layer atmospheres, each with independent pseudo-wind, in the laboratory. Lexitek products offer an affordable solution for various inspection tasks and optics testing.
  • The most common phase plate we manufacture is a 100 mm diameter part with annular geometry, shown in the datasheet. We also make smaller and larger parts as well as different geometries. This paper has more information about our pseudo-random phase plates: Phase Plate Paper
  • We offer flexible phase plate geometry including multiple annular regions (different r0s) or multiple circular regions (or another shape), examples of which are shown on this page.
  • Contact us to discuss your application.

Example phase plate geometries

Annulus / Circle
Two Annuli / Annulus and Circle
Zernike Radial Array

Example geometries include: Standard annulus, full circle, two annuli, annulus and circle, array of Zernike polynomials. Each region can have a unique phase pattern, eg. different r0 values.