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Welcome !

Thanks for looking at our inaugural newsletter. We plan to issue them several times a year and post them on our website to inform you of recent developments and establish better communication with customers and partners. We are interested in your feedback, about this newsletter and about our products.

New products

Rotary stages: LS-50

Some of you are familiar with our LS-100 and HS-100 inexpensive, belt-driven rotary stages for 4 inch and 100 mm optics (and other applications). The LS-50 is a new offering for 2 inch and 50 mm optics, and we now offer servo motor drives in addition to stepper motors for our stages.

Detectors: Non-quenching scintillator

We are excited to tell you about a new development in radiation imaging for proton and ion detection. We are now offering scintillator-based systems whose detected output is linear with absorbed dose through the Bragg peak, i.e., the system does not exhibit scintillation quenching, and can also retrofit existing detectors which image a scintillating screen. We believe this has great potential for QA of proton and hadron therapy, and our approach can be retrofit to existing screen detectors. More information is here.

Patent news

Lexitek recently assigned U.S. Patent No. 5,734,502 “Achromatic Diffractive Optic.” The patented technology enables fabrication of diffractive optics with high diffraction efficiency over broad spectral ranges, enabling high contrast imaging without ghosts or flare. This assignment does not affect Lexitek’s current products which employ Near-Index-Match™ technology. Our press release is here.

New opportunities

Our first newletter seems a good time to remind you that Lexitek is always on the lookout for new opportunities. We are a research and development company and are not afraid to consider challenging projects that fit our optics and detector expertise. Please contact us if you are looking for help with a project that others may find obscure or too difficult.

Steve Ebstein

President, Lexitek, Inc.