HS-100 Motorized Rotary Stage

The HS-100 motorized rotary stage is ideal for positioning and rotating 4” and 100mm diameter parts, for example, Lexitek’s Turbulence Phase Plates.  It has a large clear aperture that can be used for product feed-through, laser beam or other illumination delivery, or application-specific functions. The 200-step (1.8º) motor, with a 1-8X microstepping driver provides very smooth motion.  The HS-100 is guaranteed to run at 300 RPM with 450 RPM typical.

The optical home sensor is now recessed into the baseplate giving the stages a lower profile and a clean mounting interface.

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HS-100 Data Sheet (160K)download Acrobat

Mounting information for LS-100 and HS-100 stages is given here (22k) download Acrobat

Custom mounting rings are available.

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